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After hitting one just foul, Gregory Polanco ended Zack Greinke's no-hit bid with a homer just fair

Zack Greinke's start on Thursday night at Chase Field was special. For seven innings, he stymied the Pirates, allowing just one walk, no hits and racking up 11 strikeouts. 
It looked a lot like this:

As the tension mounted and Greinke put up hitless inning after hitless inning, emotions spread throughout the ballpark: 

As happens so often, though, Greinke's first career no-hitter would have to wait. Thursday's effort came to an end in the eighth inning thanks to a dramatic at-bat from Gregory Polanco. 
On a low and inside pitch, Polanco crushed a deep drive down the right-field line that landed juuuust foul. It was enough to elicit a reaction from Greinke and an effort from right fielder David Peralta to will the ball foul:

But alas, it was all for naught when Polanco did the same thing a few pitches later -- only this one curled around the pole, breaking up the no-hit bid and giving Gregory his first homer of the season.
"I said, well, I have to keep fighting because the at-bat is not over," Polanco told's Adam Berry after the game "I have to keep fighting. I found my pitch and I hit it well."
The D-backs wound up winning the game, 2-1, but things could have wound up much differently had baseball not decided to do that whole "unpredictability" thing it does so well. And Greinke got the send-off he deserved, after an outing like that: