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Hailey Dawson continued her inspirational first pitch tour with a visit to the Royals-A's game in Oakland

If you're not familiar with the inspirational story of young Hailey Dawson, you really ought to be. Born with a rare defect, she uses a "robotic hand" (as described on her Instagram page) and has been on a quest to throw a first pitch for each MLB team
Dawson's adventure made a stop in Oakland on Thursday night before the A's 4-1 win over the Royals, and she had some pregame fun on the field: 

Before the big moment:

It's been an eventful week for young Hailey, who also threw a first pitch at Safeco Field before a Mariners game last weekend:

And, a few days before that, a pitch at Coors Field as a guest of the Rockies:

She's also thrown a pitch at a World Series game, which she did last fall in Houston. She can do it all, really, and so far she's hit 10 out of the 30 clubs on her list. 
At this rate, she'll get it done in no time. 
Go get 'em, Hailey!