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MLB teams are coming together so this young fan can throw out the first pitch at every ballpark

This is a story that will make your heart melt and make you smile all at the same time.
Seven-year-old Hailey Dawson loves baseball. She plays Tee Ball and she has one wish: To throw out the first pitch at every MLB ballpark. Across the MLB world, teams are doing their part to make sure this happens.
According to Bleacher Report, Dawson was born without three fingers due to a rare disease. She uses a specially designed 3-D printed hand (complete with an Orioles logo and what appears to be autographs). She's able to write with the hand, and being a lifelong baseball fan, she has taught herself how to hold and throw a baseball.

So far, the Orioles and the Nationals have given her this opportunity, and since the word has spread around, teams across the game have invited her to throw out the ceremonial first pitch for them.

Other teams have reached out as well, and even the Minor League circuit has offered to host Dawson ...

Two Major League teams down, 28 to go. And we look forward to watching each and every one of them.