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Check out the sights and sounds from Hall of Fame Weekend

Photos via Anthony DiComo, Mariners on Twitter.

Since their impending induction was announced on January 6, Mike Piazza, Ken Griffey Jr. and their thousands (millions? billions?) of fans have been counting down the days until Hall of Fame Weekend 2016. Well, guess what?

It's finally here.

Hall of Fame weekend began on Friday, but things really began to heat up on Saturday -- and not just because of the heat dome hovering over Cooperstown. For those of you who weren't able to make the trip to see Piazza and The Kid cement their places in baseball history, we've got you covered with all the sights and sounds.

The newly-minted Hall of Famers started their induction-eves with a round of golf:

They got a good look at their own exhibits, probably to make sure everything was in order:

Plaque's looking good, Griff:

Then they talked to the press, because if you thought they were a big deal before, now they're Hall of Fame big deals:

And they weren't afraid to share their excitement:

Piazza, apparently, spent last night singing:

"Whiter Shade of Pale" was involved, so you know it was serious:

Griffey was asked what he'd be doing with his Hall of Fame ring. His answer: Dropping it into as many social situations as possible:

And not even Griffey, during his own induction weekend, could escape the pull of Pokemon Go:

And we can't forget the other Hall of Famers there to welcome Piazza and Griffey to the club -- and have a little fun of their own:

Not to mention sign some autographs:



The Mariners were so excited, they couldn't wait to honor their new Hall of Famer:

No wonder fans lined up early to get a good view of the parade:


And bringing their finest commemorative heads:


And, of course, to the Hall of Fame inductees went the sweet rides:


Seems like a pretty good time, huh?