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The Hall of Fame is honoring 'Homer at the Bat' and 'inducting' Homer into Cooperstown

On Feb. 20, the National Baseball Hall of Fame announced what every baseball fan already knew: The lauded Simpsons episode "Homer at the Bat" is worthy of enshrinement in Cooperstown.
The Hall will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the episode on Saturday during Hall of Fame Classic Weekend. Festivities will include appearances by Wade Boggs and Ozzie Smith -- both of whom guest-starred in the episode -- at a discussion featuring members of The Simpsons team who put the episode together.

And Homer will finally join three of his Hall of Fame teammates -- Boggs, Smith and Ken Griffey Jr. -- and take his rightful place in Cooperstown. The Hall will open a Simpsons-themed display and "induct" Homer.

Hall of Fame President Jeff Idelson put it best:
"In Cooperstown, we salute baseball's greatest contributors, preserve its vast history and salute the cultural side of the sport. We are honored to pay tribute to the 25th anniversary of 'Homer at the Bat.'"