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The musical 'Hamilton' has a softball team and it's never lost a game

Lin-Manuel Miranda, who you know as the composer of the entire internet's new favorite musical, "Hamilton," must be getting tired of being good at every single thing. He's won a Grammy, received a MacArthur Genius Grant and spends his free time chilling with the leader of the free world. To top it all off, he's (indirectly) a softball champ.

Parts of the cast, crew and theater staff from the play compete in the Broadway Show League, which meets at the Heckscher Ballfields in Central Park. According to the New York Times, Miranda himself doesn't actually play. But you can see Anthony Ramos, who plays Alexander Hamilton's son, patrolling the outfield. You can even catch Tony-nominated Christopher Jackson, AKA George Washington, manning the hot corner and batting cleanup.

How's the team doing this season? We'll put it this way: It's cool that the Cubs are playing .700 ball, but Team Hamilton is undefeated. During a pre-show performance on Wednesday, it celebrated its amazing string of victories by singing a song from a musical about the Yankees:  

Look out, world: if Miranda's next musical is about Billy Hamilton, the Reds might just become unstoppable. 

h/t: Vulture