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Hanley Ramirez had some questions about Christian Vazquez's bobblehead

It's well-known that bobblehead dolls aren't always the most realistic likenesses of their subjects. Nevertheless, there's a certain appeal to an oversize nodding head on a spring that can't be denied.
It would seem Hanley Ramirez isn't as easily amused by the simple mechanics of a bobblehead doll as the rest of us. Monday night was Christian Vazquez Gnome night at Fenway Park and Ramirez had some questions:

Specifically, Ramirez voiced concern that the hat on Vazquez's doll didn't fit in the known taxonomy of hats. He was also worried that the gnome didn't really look like his teammate. Vazquez seemed less bothered on that count, noting that their beards were similar enough.
While Ramirez found no answer to his question about the hat, one thing is for sure: If the Red Sox make a bobblehead for Ramirez, they would do well to send him a draft version first.