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Harry Styles wore an Elton John-inspired sparkly Dodgers costume before Game 3

On Oct. 26, 1975, Elton John took to Dodger Stadium to play a sold-out concert decked out in a sparkling, glittering Dodgers uniform. 
Exactly 43 years later, Harry Styles did the same as he put on his own sparkling Dodgers uniform for a Halloween party.

His stylist did an expert job in recreating the costume

Elton John was a pretty big fan of the look, too: 

It wasn't just the 43rd anniversary of John's performance though. It was also Game 3 of the World Series -- you know, the one where the Dodgers won it after 18 innings. Sure enough, Styles was watching and freaked out out when it ended: 

All this has us hoping that the Dodgers will adopt this look for at least one throwback game next year. 
(h/t Teen Vogue