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Skull and void! #CapsOn mandatory Monday

Monday was Opening Day and we hope you spent it the best way possible: Watching baseball all day long with your ballcap proudly displayed at school/work/inside your apartment. If you haven't yet, share a photo of yourself with the hashtag #CapsOn.
If you caught cap fever and weren't the lucky winner of @MLB's 30-cap giveaway, head over to ASAP. After all, #CapsOn may have been Monday, but it's really a season-long event. You'll need one in order to make a great catch
How did some celebrate the day? Glad you asked. 
David Beckham made sure his cap was on: 

Some fans went with some psychic predictions: 

Caps are great for celebrating (and gloating): 

Charlie Brown got in on the act:

While others simply rocked them in the office:  

Need proof of just how good everyone looks in a cap? Gary Payton -- the glove -- has proof: 

ESPN anchor Kenny Mayne went all in on the M's: 

Benjamin Bratt made sure to get his Giants cap on: 

Sporting Kansas City put together a stunning baseball tableau: 

Russel Wilson wants #OpeningDay and #CapsOn to be a national holiday. We agree, Russ.

Even dogs celebrate Opening Day: 

This prime doggo gets an 11/10: 

Babies, too: 

And, really, could there even be a #CapsOn celebration without a goofy, cartoon bird? 

Forgoing those puffy chef's hats, Iron Chef's Michael Symon showed off his Indians fandom: 

You really don't want to be caught without your cap today. But you don't have to take our word for it -- just ask Roberto Alomar
The only thing left to ask: How did you wear your cap? Do you prefer the lassic curved brim, or the style of your favorite cap-wearing celebrity?