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Watch Ellen DeGeneres join the #CapsOn movement by playing 'three strikes and you win'

With Opening Day coming soon, and the #CapsOn celebration of baseball headwear coming with it, Ellen DeGeneres got in on the excitement during Thursday's "The Ellen Show." Two contestants arrived on stage for a best-of-three baseball-related quiz, with the winner receiving a trip to see their favorite team in action.
Who won? Did the Angels or Dodgers cap impart special powers? The answers are in the segment below. 

Remember to wear your favorite baseball cap Monday April 4 for Opening Day and to share a photo on Twitter with the hashtag #CapsOn.

For fans in need of new headgear, @MLB gave away 150 caps Thursday afternoon:

And here's how Twitter reacted throughout the day: 


So, once again, don't forget to wear your favorite team cap on April 4: