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Jose Altuve, it is your birthday -- here are 15 GIFs to celebrate turning the big 2-8!

(Bob Levey)

If you see José Altuve today, make sure you tell him "Altuve, it is your birthday." The reigning AL MVP and five-time All-Star second baseman for the Astros will blow out 28 candles on his birthday cake on Sunday, so we wanted to do a little something special for him. 
Altuve has been his own present to us, gifting the world with fun stories and moments. Here are some of our favorite Altuve GIFs to celebrate the day of his birth.
To start things off -- even when he does something stellar, and his team gives him the silent treatment, he still has a great time:

And remember the time Robinson Chirnos attempted to pick him off, but at the same time wasn't even close to being picked off:

Here's a GIF of Altuve being awesome:

And the time he won the American League MVP Award and celebrated with his family:

Celebrating a World Series had to be put on here also:

Here he is at the happiest place on earth:

Altuve is synonymous with dancing. He has some pretty impressive moves:

And singing ...

And did you know Matt Damon was a big fan of him? Well, now you do:


He gets really excited sometimes, and it looks even better in slow motion:

And he's great on the defensive side of the ball as well -- if you didn't know that:

He's also great at hugs. Just ask Alex Bregman:

The man has some style, too:

And then this ...

Happiest of birthdays to you, Altuve!