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Please enjoy Jayson Werth as Jon Snow and Bryce Harper as his trusty Direwolf

There have been many themed road trips this summer -- from Anchorman to, um, rompers? But after their 3-2 victory over the Mets on Sunday clinched home-field advantage in the National League Division Series, the Nationals honored an iconic show that has played a major role across MLB ballparks all season long: "Game of Thrones."

If Bryce Harper as a Direwolf wasn't good enough, here's a photo of some of the Nats' rookies as Sparrows:

And the whole squad decked out in the parking lot, ready to battle it out. 

As you can see on the back left, Max Scherzer is just as scary-looking as the Night King -- and can probably throw a giant spear just as hard.