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Hernan Perez's young son has already mastered the art of the epic homer celebration and bat flip

The art of the perfect bat flip is elusive. Many ballplayers try their best, coming up with inventive and authoritative post-dinger heaves, usually to great extent.
But are any of those truly "perfect" executions of the practice? Probably not, at least when you compare them to Christopher Perez, the young son of the Brewers' Hernán Pérez. As he recently shared on his Instagram account (yes, he's a kid but he's well on his way to achieving social media fame with posts like this), he knows what he's doing. 

Note the solid contact, strut down the first-base line, an absolute heave into the chain-link fence and, for good measure, a mock exchange with an imaginary third-base coach. Oh, and the home-plate celebration, to boot. 
Big league ballplayers hoping to land in the Bat Flip Hall of Fame, the game has been raised thanks to young Mr. Perez. 
(H/T Sports Illustrated)