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A high school softball pitcher struck out every batter she faced in a perfect perfect game

There are a lot of ways to dominate on the mound. Throwing a shutout is a good indication that a pitcher had the other team's number. A no-hitter is even more dominant. A perfect game is better still.

But, it's possible to top a perfect game. Instead of not allowing any runners to reach base, how about striking out every batter that comes to the plate? On Wednesday, Shannon Becker -- a sophomore on the Mahopac High School softball team -- did just that, striking out all 21 batters that tried to get a hit off of her in a seven-inning game.

Becker's "perfect perfect game" is believed to be the first in New York high school softball history.

After her performance Wednesday, Becker has a 0.28 ERA and 229 strikeouts in just 99 innings. What's maybe even scarier or other teams in her league is the act that she's only a sophomore. Players are going to have to try to hit against her for two more years. It sounds like it's going to be a frustrating couple years ahead for hitters in New York.