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Rhys Hoskins' dog was excited to watch Rhys in the Home Run Derby, too

We all know that Phillies slugger and T-Mobile Home Run Derby participant Rhys Hoskins can launch a dinger or two. But did you know that Hoskins also happens to be the owner of an adorable dog named Rookie?

Unfortunately for Hoskins, good dogs are not permitted on the field at the Home Run Derby (yet). So while Hoskins was busy in D.C. knocking taters in the Derby, he asked his good friend and teammate Scott Kingery to look after Rookie.

After seeing Rhys smash 17 dingers in the first round ...

and 20 in the semis,

Rookie appeared a bit more invested in the proceedings.

Hoskins eventually was bounced in the competition by an absurd Kyle Schwarber 21-homer round, but it's safe to say that Rookie the dog is still proud of his dad.