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Thanks to modern medicine, Hunter Renfroe made Josh Naylor's helmet as good as new

A player's first Major League home run is always a special moment. Not everyone gets to experience hitting a home run at the highest level of competition, so it's important to savor the moment.

On Saturday, Padres rookie Josh Naylor hit his first dinger and, upon returning to the dugout, he got in a good celebration. Unfortunately, it came at the expense of his helmet.

Thankfully, fellow outfielder Hunter Renfroe took the extra time afforded him by an evening out of the lineup to make sure that his teammate's helmet was ready to round the bases on future home runs.

Hopefully those band-aids are only temporary as Naylor's helmet heals. After helping him to his first big league homer, it probably has some good luck in it. He'll want it to be back to health and looking good as soon as possible.