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Future Hall of Famer owns area school teachers, shows no mercy

It's hard, from the outside, to get a sense of just how unbelievably talented the best pro athletes are. Sure, we understand that they're better than we could ever hope to be, and that they regularly do things that make our jaws drop -- but just how much better are they?

We've become too accustomed to watching them go up against other pro athletes. To truly get a sense of their greatness, we need to see them face off against random, everyday citizens. Luckily, global superstar and future MLB Hall of Famer Ichiro Suzuki is here to help ... by wrecking shop against a group of unsuspecting teachers:

Stonefaced, dressed in full uniform, doing his whole iconic pre-at-bat routine and proceeding to effortlessly bang out three hits while also pitching and striking out 16 batters. Just in case you start thinking that they aren't really that impressive, that you could probably do that, remember to apologize lest some sports icon comes to your house and puts you in your place.