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Ichiro made his Cactus League debut Sunday and there were so many emotions

Ichiro Suzuki made his Cactus League debut Sunday for the first time since being back in a Mariners uniform. The M's were taking on the Reds at Peoria Stadium, and despite a rather quiet spring thus far, having Ichiro back in a Seattle uniform changed things up a bit.
"ICH-I-RO, ICH-I-RO" chants were heard as he approached the plate for his first at-bat of the day:

"It was quiet, but we just got Ichiro, so it kind of livened up a bit here," Taylor Motter told Root Sports in an interview. 
To start things off, the 10-time All-Star took a ride in a golf cart into the dugout, because he can do that:

And he wasn't the only one to notice the energy that was reintroduced to the baseball world. Félix Hernández and Robinson Canó seemed to be filled with glee as the team warmed up for the game:

We were also a bit emotional for the return of Ichiro:

He looked the part:

It's real, and it's happening. Ichiro is back!