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In his Twins debut, Bartolo Colon struck out Aaron Judge using veteran trickery

Bartolo Colon hasn't had the smoothest age-44 season. After a successful and storied stint with the Mets, he lasted only a half season with the Braves before the team designated him for assignment. Luckily, the Twins picked him up.

During Colon's Tuesday night Twins debut against the Yankees, he showed that he still has a few tricks up his sleeve, particularly in the first inning when the wily vet squared off against Home Run Derby champion Aaron Judge.


Craftiness won the day -- or at least the at-bat -- as Colon froze Judge on his two-seamer. Judge may be the game's newest star, but Big Sexy hasn't lasted 20 years in the Major Leagues for nothing. With that strikeout, the latter sent a clear message: Respect your elders.

Unfortunately for Colon, the Twins lost to Yanks, 6-3.