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The Indians have devised a candied apple short rib sandwich just in time for the ALCS

Upon reading the above headline, you probably had some questions -- "candied apple," "short rib" and "sandwich" are not often used in the same sentence, after all. Luckily, we have answers: Yes, the mad scientists behind the sandwich that's as big as your head have created a candied apple short rib sandwich, and yes, the candied apple is the bun. Behold:

What exactly is in this glorious monstrosity? Beef short rib in between two halves of a golden delicious apple that's been rolled in cider caramel, pecan and peanuts. Here's Progressive Field chef Josh explaining how he came up with the idea: 

It'll be available at Throwin' Smoke in section 150 of Progressive Field, but only for the ALCS, so you better hurry.