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It's Justin Bieber's 24th birthday, so let's look back at his 2010 first pitch for the White Sox

Today is Justin Bieber's 24th birthday. Love him or hate him (I actually kind of like his music), there's no denying that Justin Bieber is a man of many talents. Unfortunately, baseball does not seem to be one of those talents.

I'm not sure what you remember about the 2010 White Sox. Maybe you remember a 34-year old Paul Konerko knocking 39 dingers, or maybe you remember Juan Pierre's 68 stolen bases. Me? I remember this pitch.
It's definitely not a fantastic first pitch, but it could have been way, way worse. Let's break things down.

Mark Buehrle? That's definitely Mark Buehrle.
Here's a question: Who do you think was more excited to meet the other person in this interaction? Buehrle getting to meet Bieber or Bieber getting to meet Buehrle? I doubt Bieber is an aficionado of low-velocity/high-command lefties who eat innings, and I also doubt that Buehrle was blasting Never Say Never in the clubhouse.

Bieber shaking off Buehrle twice is also interesting. Does Bieber have three different pitches to throw? Was Bieber throwing a split-finger or something for a first pitch?

Didn't know Bieber was such a big Juan Marichal fan. Let's see if the Biebs had the balance and lower-half strength to make such a funky delivery work:


I'm willing to give JB the benefit of the doubt. He was only 16 when this first pitch happened, and maybe he's added strength and velocity since then. Most pitchers do.
All in all, not the greatest performance from the most famous pop star in the world, but at least he made a new friend.