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J.A. Happ tried to be like Bartolo Colon on this play, but he's not him and nobody is

Bartolo Colon has done a lot in his big league career (no, he's still not retired). He won a Cy Young, he's hit a home run, he's even made gum sandwiches. Other pitchers are undoubtedly jealous of his baseball success.

J.A. Happ, a pitcher for the Yankees (one of the 300 teams Bartolo has played for), saw an opportunity during Wednesday's game to try and copy one of Bartolo's greatest moves. To try and, if you will, "Be Like Bartolo."

It didn't work.

Nope. Even Mark Buehrle did it better.

I'm guessing Bartolo is on a boat somewhere having a beer and watching this Happ GIF over and over -- chuckling and plotting his eventual return to the heights of Major League Baseball.