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Bartolo Colon makes 'gum sandwiches' in between innings and it's as weird as you think it is

Bartolo Colon, pitching in his 21st MLB season, started against the Tigers on Wednesday afternoon. The 44-year-old gave up two earned runs in five innings of work -- striking out four with some of that corner-dotting, 87-mph cheese.

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Bart still dotting corners.

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Throwing strike after strike is something we've come to expect from Bartolo.
But weirdly, during his 545th career game, we also learned something new about the right-hander: In between innings, Bartolo makes something called "gum sandwiches." As you can hear in the main clip above, he "flattens out a couple pieces of gum, then takes out the gum he was already chewing, puts it in the middle of two pieces of gum and makes a sandwich." 
Just look at this man. Look at how gleeful and focused he is:

And then, apparently, he puts it in his glove to save for later?? 
I don't really know what to say, other than baseball players are weird and "gum sandwiches" might be the key to playing forever.