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J.Lo wore a bedazzled Yankees cap and A-Rod's number at Saturday's pre-Super Bowl party

(Clair, Michael)

Move over John Cusack in "Say Anything," because J.Lo just did the most romantic thing possible: She donned a bejeweled Yankees cap and wore A-Rod's number on a "J LO" jersey. Yeah, that's true love. 
Performing at Saturday's pre-Super Bowl party in Minnesota, the singer put on the A-Rod and Super Bowl-inspired costume for her second of seven costume changes

She then played a new song, "Us," that was written around the time the two started dating. Though it may or may not be about A-Rod, it does feature the lyrics, "Feelin' you go on and touch my love/Throwing it now, here you go, catch up."
Now, maybe it's just a coincidence that "throwing" and "catch" -- two things you do on the baseball field -- are included in the line. But then again, maybe not. 
How will A-Rod top Lopez's ode? Perhaps he'll write his own song -- or find a way to pay homage to one of her films during his next CNBC appearance