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Jabari Blash's new batting stance is unlike anything you've seen before

Jabari Blash can bash the ball a country mile. Just look at this -- that's a whip of a home run: 

But home runs are not the problem. Blash's main issue for breaking the big league roster is his inability to make consistent contact. 
After being swapped from the Padres to the Yankees to the Angels this offseason, he wants to change that. So, Blash got a brand-new stance that is unlike almost anything you've seen before. 
Take a look at this:

He has even added a large leg kick, making this more like a pitcher's motion than a normal batting stance.
Compare that to last year when he had a much more usual stance -- you know, one where his feet aren't touching -- with a very small step into the ball:

Hey, if it works ...