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Jackie Bradley Jr. pulled a Mookie Betts and made a play while mic'd up in the outfield

Jackie Bradley Jr. can do astonishing things on defense. He can race faster than almost any other mortal man to track down baseballs and leap high into the air to rob baseballs that defied gravity. He added another trick on Wednesday while mic'd up on the ESPN broadcast of the Red Sox-Pirates game. Considering that I struggle to chew food and breathe at the same time, this is one of the wonders of the world.

After explaining to Alex Rodriguez that the card he keeps in his back pocket tells him where he should align himself defensively, Bradley had to go on the run to catch Steven Baron's popup into the strong Florida winds. Unlike Mookie Betts, Bradley was getting to this one, boys -- even after having to contend with "a lot of sun, too."

Take a look below for the whole sequence: