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The Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp will break a new law every inning for ‘Florida Man night’

We live in a society of laws. While some of them make sense, like, oh, shoplifting being illegal, there are others that make less sense. Like in Arizona, where you're not allowed to feed garbage to a pig -- without a permit. However, one intrepid Minor League team wants to flout as many laws as possible this summer when they host "Florida Man night."

For those that don't spend every waking second on the internet, "Florida Man" is a meme where every bizarre newspaper headline featuring someone doing something insane, like driving your Ferrari into the ocean, is usually preempted by the words "Florida Man."

The Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp, the Double-A affiliate for the Marlins, will pay homage to this intrepid hero. On July 26, the team will break a bizarre Florida law every inning.

While we don't know the specific laws they'll be breaking, we're hoping to see someone skateboarding without a license. Scandalous.