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Jason Heyward and Ben Zobrist show that hugging it out is a foolproof method of conflict resolution

Healthy communication between teammates is the backbone of any contending team -- pitcher to catcher, shortstop to second baseman, outfielder to the buffet line. So when that communication breaks down, it can be pretty frustrating.
Jason Heyward and Ben Zobrist know this all too well: When Freddy Galvis lifted a fly ball to right during Saturday's Phillies-Cubs game, Zobrist thought Heyward had it, while Heyward ... well, he was the latest casualty in the ongoing war between outfielders and the sun. The ball fell in for a hit as both men looked on, wondering what the heck just happened.
But rather than this momentary communication breakdown come between them, the two teammates put the first rule of conflict resolution into action: Hugs heal all.

And while everybody loves a good hug, everybody really loves winning -- despite the outfield shenanigans, Heyward and Zobrist tallied two hits each as the Cubs downed Philadelphia, 4-1.