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Jason Isbell traded concert tickets for Hank Aaron baseball cards

Chances are you've got boxes and binders of baseball cards filling your house. After flipping through the pages, decoupaging some tables and using others as bookmarks, you've been wondering what other uses these beautiful pieces of cardboard could have. Well, how about as currency? 
That may just work thanks to Jason Isbell, the alt-country star who holds the same devotion in baseball circles as Bruce Springsteen, who accepted one offer. It all started with the singer tweeting -- as we all do -- about Hank Aaron on a Friday night:  

Then came the offer: Two, slightly bent, but well loved Hammerin' Hank cards. Check out the sweet designs: 

After some consideration, Isbell agreed: Two tickets to his Berkeley, Calif. show. His sound guy sounds a lot like Justin Turner: 

Naturally, others saw this and jumped in. A Christy Mathewson card in exchange for guest vocals: 

Hey, why not? And if Jason's wondering, I've got about a dozen Rey Ordonez cards that I'll swap in exchange for, you know what, no, those are too valuable.