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Jason Kipnis spent his off-day in D.C. riding a Segway around the Washington Monument

Jason Kipnis is at it again. 
With the Indians enjoying an off-day before starting a series with the Nationals on Tuesday, the infielder paid a visit to the Washington Monument, where he ... had a grand old time riding a Segway around. He proudly shared proof of his visit to Instagram:

When given the free time of an off-day, baseball players find ways to entertain themselves. Sometimes, this takes the form of secret selfies at the Smithsonian (hey, Bryce Harper), poolside acoustic guitar serenades, or other fun things to do in order to pass the time.
For Kipnis, a noted thorn in the side of mascots everywhere thanks to his hijinks, this Segway incident is the latest chapter of his book of antics. Should he bust it out again later, may we suggest a little Gob Bluth imitation for old time's sake?