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Javier Baez made a valiant attempt to swat down a ball that was about 10 feet over his head

Hockey legend Wayne Gretzky -- or was it Michael Scott? -- once observed that one misses 100 percent of the shots he doesn't take. That isn't to say, however, that all shots have a non-zero probability of success. There are some shots one will miss 100 percent of the time.
In the bottom of the second inning of Monday night's game between the Cubs and Brewers, Javier Baez likely took one of those shots that miss 100 percent of the time. Brewers third baseman Hernan Perez lined a pitch over Baez's head into right-center field. Despite it being out of reach of Manute Bol standing on a chair, the Cubs' second baseman took his shot:

He didn't quite reach the ball to swat it down this time, but if he had, it would have been the defensive play of the century. Baez took his shot and whether he made it or missed it wound up being somewhat immaterial.