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Javier Baez celebrated his latest home run ... with a waffle maker

Last year, the Yankees celebrated home runs with the "Toe-night Show." This year, the White Sox have the home run chain. But neither of them measure up to breakfast -- that most important of daily meals. Javier Báez knows this. So when he went deep against the Phillies on Friday night, he knew just the way to celebrate when he got back to the dugout: With waffles. 
Now, sure, you might think, "Waffles? Is that an acronym for something?" No, I mean he got to the dugout, lifted a waffle iron and screamed "Waffles!" As you do: 

Even better, you can see Daniel Murphy glancing over with a look in his eyes that seems to say "Oh man, I want some waffles." 

Now, there are a lot of questions we have. Namely: Are Cubs players only allowed to eat waffles if you hit a home run? What does that mean for pitchers -- do they only get to eat pancakes? Who brought the waffle iron into the dugout? Is there a plug in there, and maybe a water cooler filled not with water, but with batter? 
Hopefully some of these answers will be answered more fully soon.