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Jay Buhner and his son recreate adorable Sports Illustrated cover 20 years later

Back on March 18, 1996, the reigning No. 1 song in America (according to the Billboard Hot 100 chart) was "One Sweet Day" by Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men. That fact is particularly fitting considering that Jay Buhner and his son Chase have recreated their iconic Sports Illustrated cover from that one sweet day, 20 years ago.

Buhner was prepping for the follow-up to his first 40-homer season when he posed for longtime friend and photographer V.J. Lovero in the weight room while prepping for Spring Training. During the shoot, Buhner's young son Chase ran in and hopped up on his dad's lap. When Chase bit down on a bat and his father followed suit, Lovero knew he had his cover shot.
Two decades later -- and 10 years after Lovero passed away -- the Buhners recreated their adorable father son photo in honor of their late friend, and result is predictably wonderful: