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Jeff Francoeur's majestic throw caused Mets baserunners to run themselves into utter chaos

Jeff Francoeur has a very strong throwing arm. That's been established nearly everywhere he's plied his baseball trade:

During the Mets' 7-4 victory over the Marlins on Tuesday night, Frenchy had an opportunity to showcase his laser cannon once again when Asdrubal Cabrera tried to score from second on a single. Cabrera, perhaps running with his head down, saw (or maybe heard) the ball rocketing high overhead, attempted to turn back and, well, this happened:

Nope, two runners can't be on one base at the same time. But who can really blame Cabrera? The arm of Jeff Francoeur is a powerful, unforgiving force that will not stop until every single Major League runner has been erased from the basepaths.