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ESPN's Jessica Mendoza helped catch pop flies during Freddie Freeman's round of the Home Run Derby

Mookie Betts and ESPN's Jessica Mendoza were not participants in the 2018 T-Mobile Home Run Derby on Monday night, but they still offered their services to the event.

In Round 1, during Freddie Freeman's outing, Betts and Mendoza ran to the outfield to shag some balls. In the middle of the interview, Mendoza asked Betts why he wasn't hitting. Betts modestly said he "wasn't a home run hitter" and when he hits the ball, sometimes it just makes its way over the fence. 

While we know that he was just being coy, Mendoza, an athlete herself, wanted to get in on some of the action -- so that's what she did:


With a microphone in her throwing hand, she caught a fly ball in the outfield.

An Olympic gold medalist (twice), college softball star, baseball analyst and a Home Run Derby volunteer? Not a bad resume, Jess.