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Ji-Man Choi and Willy Adames joked after Choi picked up an RBI on a hit by pitch

During every at-bat, the goal of the hitter is to either score a run for his team or get his team closer to scoring one. When you come up with the bases loaded, then, you want to get at least one run in to score.
In the bottom of the second inning of Monday's game between the Rays and Indians, Ji-Man Choi came to the plate with the bases loaded and was successful in that goal. However, it was bittersweet as he picked up probably the least-pleasant RBI of his career when Corey Kluber hit him with a pitch:

Even though it hurt a bit, an RBI is still an RBI. So, once Choi got to first, he and Willy Adames had some laughs about it ... while acknowledging the pain that came with the RBI. 

Fortunately, Choi had a more purely joyful RBI in the bottom of the ninth inning. Trailing by a run, with two outs and Tommy Pham on first, Choi hit a home run to give the Rays a 6-5 win. He celebrated with the same joy as in the second inning, minus the tears:

As Choi clearly showed, RBIs from being hit by pitch are just as worthy of celebration as home runs.