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Reporter 'Jim Buchanan,' AKA Joe Kelly, made his on-camera debut and he's a natural

Recently, we introduced you to Jim Buchanan -- the newest baseball reporter who may or may not be Joe Kelly (it's Joe Kelly). He was spotted hanging around Red Sox camp conducting interviews and doing a fine job. Since you've been patiently waiting on the edge of your seats for his debut, we have a treat for you: Episode 1 starring Buchanan of "JWK, Punta Gorda."
The first episode went rather smoothly until he ran into some security issues:

The coaching staff also had a few concerns while they were busy practicing, but Buchanan is a professional and told everyone he could "go anywhere" with his media pass.
All in all, a good debut for Buchanan.
You can watch the hilarious clip in its entirety atop this post.