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Jim Harbaugh's son smoked his dad with a line drive in the backyard

The Michigan Wolverines are battling Vanderbilt in the College World Series, which means one thing: Jim Harbaugh is pumped.

The football coach (and his khaki pants) prepared for Game 2 on Tuesday night with some backyard bonding time with his family, complete with plastic balls, plastic bats and everything.

It led to this explosive sequence below, in which Harbaugh's son crushes a line drive back at his dad that literally smashes the phone out of his hand:

Phone goes flying, Harbaugh goes flying, khakis remain in place. That's some chaos.

If you're wondering, no, Coach Jim didn't recover to get payback against his son for the smash back up the middle ... as he served up a pretty big backyard blast a little bit later:

As for lil' Harbaugh, that kid's got some major style at the plate.