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Jim Thome's number retirement ceremony ended with a father-son jog around the bases

Over the course of his 22-year Major League career, Hall of Famer Jim Thome took 612 home run trots, including a record 13 walk-off homers. That's a lot of trips around the bases. 
Prior to Saturday's game against the Orioles, the Indians held a ceremony to retire Thome's No. 25. Fittingly, Thome ended the ceremony with a (shadow) walk-off home run and one last trip around the bases, accompanied by his son, Landon. Of course, his former teammates also got to relive their memories of greeting the slugger at home plate.

Thome's daughter, Lila, sang the national anthem when he was inducted into the Hall of Fame last month and brought a tear to her father's eye. After Landon's stroll around the bases, now both of Thome's children have played pivotal roles in honoring their dad's career.