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Jim Thome watching his daughter sing the national anthem was the cutest

Sunday's Hall of Fame induction ceremony got started off with a special guest as Lila Thome, the daughter of 2018 inductee Jim Thome, sang the national anthem. Lila's a sophomore at the Chicago Academy for the Arts, where she focuses on vocal performance. So, it should come as no surprise that she followed in her father's footsteps and knocked it out of the park.
As good as Lila's performance was, the highlight came when the camera panned to her father, who was visibly moved by his daughter's performance at his Hall of Fame induction:

As Jeffrey Lebowski rightly points out in The Big Lebowski, "strong men also cry." With two World Series appearances and 612 career home runs to his name, Thome's reaction to his daughter's performance is proof there's nothing weak about being emotionally moved by a moment.