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Assuming a runner's stance at first base, Joc Pederson flashed back to his high school days

Dodgers outfielder Joc Pederson was a standout high school football star (in addition to his teenage baseball heroics) for the Palo Alto Vikings, leading the team in a number of offensive statistics. And even though he settled on baseball as his career path, he still finds time to flash back to his days on the gridiron.
His latest trip down memory lane came on Monday in the Dodgers' 3-2 loss to the Cubs at Chicago's home opener with Jon Lester on the hill. Lester's well-documented lack of interest in throwing over to first base to keep a runner at bay is known around the National League, so Pederson tried something new after reaching in the sixth inning. After all, he had pretty good odds that Lester wasn't going to throw over to keep him near the bag:

That's basically a runner's stance, as if Joc were awaiting a whistle to take off on a mad dash or perched on the line of scrimmage. 
Was it an attempt to throw off Lester's rhythm? In the clip atop this post, ESPN announcer/former player Aaron Boone spoke at length about Pederson's efforts, though they wouldn't pan out to anything much in the frame. 
Still, it was pretty entertaining to see nonetheless. An inspired effort from a guy known to bust out workout routines in the middle of airports or exercise in the Pacific Ocean while on exotic vacations.