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Joc Pederson gave a fan a fist bump after making a running catch at the wall

A spacious Major League outfield can be a lonely place for a fielder looking for a buddy with whom to celebrate a nice catch or throw. They're 100 feet or so away from any teammates and, often, the outfield wall is too tall for physical interaction with fans. So, when an outfielder makes a play in proximity to a potential celebration mate, you can bet he'll make good use of that opportunity.
In the fifth inning of Monday night's game against the Rockies, Dodgers outfielder Joc Pederson chased down a fly ball from Drew Butera to make a nice catch in left field. When his momentum carried him to the wall, he decided to celebrate his accomplishment with a friendly fan in the front row:

Not only did Pederson make that fan's day, his simple fist bump reverberated a few seats down. This woman did not receive a fist bump from Pederson, but was excited to be so close to him all the same:

Pederson added two home runs on the night, so he had plenty to celebrate. Clearly, these fans in left field were all happy to share in some of his joy.