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Joc Pederson struck out on one pitch when he pinch-hit for Yasiel Puig

The Angels and Dodgers were scoreless in the second inning on Sunday when Yasiel Puig smashed a three-run homer, his 11th of the season. Still, it wasn't enough -- the Angels went on to top the Dodgers, 4-3. But it was Puig's second at-bat, when he suffered an injury in the middle of a swing and Joc Pederson took over mid-at-bat, that may leave you scratching your head.
Pederson took over Puig's at-bat in the top of the fifth with a 1-2 count. And on the only pitch Joc saw from Andrew Heaney, he struck out swinging. Well, actually, per MLB rules, Puig struck out swinging:

Hey, that's OK. He showed up when his team needed him without much of a heads-up.
And, at the end of the day -- Joc Pederson struck out on one pitch. That's pretty cool if you think about it.