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Joe Thornton and the Sharks caught a Pirates game while in town for the Stanley Cup Finals

The Stanley Cup Finals are headed back to Consol Energy Center for Game 5 on Thursday night, so the Penguins and Sharks are in Pittsburgh for the week. And with the Penguins up 3-1 in the series -- one win away from becoming the first Pittsburgh team to win a championship at home since the 1960 Pirates -- Game 5 could very well be the last game of the series, or at least the last time the Sharks are in Pittsburgh for a while, as Game 6 would be back in California.
So, Joe Thornton and a few of his teammates figured they'd better catch a Pirates game while they could, watching their opponents' baseball counterparts take on the Mets in a doubleheader at PNC Park.

Although, the fact that the Pirates won both games, 3-1, was probably inauspicious -- the Sharks themselves are down 3-1 in the Finals.