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Umpire Joe West got a hearty laugh after Madison Bumgarner lost track of the count

When you've been pitching in MLB for over a decade like Madison Bumgarner has been, you're bound to become familiar with all the umpires you work with. When it comes to Joe West, well, let's just say the two are more familiar with each other than many pitcher-umpire pairs.

They once had a pretty intense -- or intimate, depending on how you see it -- staring contest after they didn't quite see eye-to-eye on a call.

But, like any people who have known each other for a while, those moments of intensity are balanced by more lighthearted interactions. On Sunday, the two showed they can share a laugh with the best of them.

In the second inning of the Giants game against the Padres, Bumgarner took a called strike three, but lost track of the count. When he tried to step back into the batter's box, West had to inform him that he had, in fact, struck out. The result was a moment of levity for both parties.

Though both were amused by the situation, West could barely contain his laughter. Just look at him! He can barely stay standing he's laughing so hard.

You always want people to be laughing with you rather than at you. Fortunately, Bumgarner can honestly say he shared in the joke with the umpire. Even though he was able to laugh it off, you can be sure he'll be keeping a little closer count the next few times he steps to the plate.