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Dallas Keuchel tripped on his shoelaces while waiting for a throw from his catcher

Less than a week before I began the first job I had out of college, I was pumping gas at a Sheetz in Pennsylvania. As I walked back to the pump, I stepped on one of my shoelaces and went down like a ton of bricks, only stopping myself with my right wrist at the last second. It wasn't great! I even heard someone at another pump go "Oof."

I went to Urgent Care shortly after I reached my destination because my hand was killing me. Nothing ended up being broken, but it was pretty swollen and it hurt a little as I was shaking hands on my first day at the new job.

Long story, short: I feel your pain, Dallas Keuchel. I really do.

The Braves' righty was slowly backing up on the mound after a sixth-inning pitch on Tuesday as he awaited the throw back from catcher Tyler Flowers. Then, the shoelaces attacked:

At least my stumble didn't happen in front of over 36,000 fans.

Thankfully, Keuchel seemed to have a pretty good sense of humor about it all. I suppose striking out a dozen Royals and knocking your first career extra-base hit in the same game will help numb the embarrassment.