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Joel Embiid reunited with Astros pals Jose Altuve and Carlos Beltran, and they all looked swanky

On Tuesday night, Sports Illustrated paid tribute to two members of the World Series champion Astros at their Sportsperson of the Year Awards. José Altuve shared the titular honors with fellow Houston hero J.J. Watt of the NFL's Texans, and the now-retired Carlos Beltrán was presented with the inaugural Hope Award.
Another athlete who was honored at the event was 76ers star and occasional souvenir catcher Joel Embiid. That allowed the opportunity for Embiid to reunite with Altuve and Beltran after switching sides to cheer them on at Game 5 of the World Series.

Suave as ever.
It was great to see them all together again, though one can't help but wonder what a picture would have looked like had Aaron Judge (who is five inches shorter than Embiid, if you can believe it) been invited to join Embiid and Altuve. He certainly shared the stage with Altuve quite a bit in 2017.
Let's see:

Well, Altuve certainly looks more dapper in the picture on the left, though we bet Embiid could pull off those patriotic socks, too. Maybe next year!