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Joey Votto paid up on his promise: Zack Cozart finally met his donkey, and he's adorable

Joey Votto paid up on a deal he made with teammate Zack Cozart prior to the All-Star break.
Votto promised Cozart if he made the All-Star roster this season, Votto would gift him with a donkey. Cozart really loves donkeys so the deal seemed too good to be true. Now that we know Cozart landed an All-Star spot, he was able to meet his new life companion before the Reds hosted the Marlins Saturday.
Cozart, his wife, and son Cooper all met the donkey and even fed him in hopes of forming a quick bond.

"I'm excited to finally have my donkey," Cozart said to Votto. 
Fans could make suggestions on what to name the donkey, and since Cooper is a huge Donald Duck fan, they decided to name him Donald. So, allow us to introduce you to Donald the donkey.