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Joey Votto wanted a fan's 'Votto for President' shirt so much he traded his own jersey for it

Joey Votto was just warming up like usual prior to Monday's matchup with the Pirates when he caught something interesting out of the corner of his eye: a Reds fan, sitting down the first-base line, who just so happened to be wearing a T-shirt that read "Votto for President."
After some inspection, Votto decided that, yes, he would like to own a T-shirt that says he should be elected president. And, being Joey Votto, he had plenty to offer the fan in return -- like, for example, the jersey off of his back:

Of course, Votto hails from Canada, a country that has a prime minister rather than a president. Still, that's just a technicality:

As for how the fan made out in the deal? His name is Kyle, and it doesn't seem like he regrets it: