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Joey Votto denied fans of a foul ball two separate times because he's Joey Votto and that's what he does

In addition to giving great hitting advice and in-game interviews, Joey Votto is known for having some unique foul-ball antics. These situations typically involve him not giving away the souvenirs to fans -- and on Monday, we were reminded that some things never change. 
In the bottom of the second during the Reds-Phillies game, Maikel Franco tapped a foul ball past Votto. The ball rolled to a point where it was just a few feet away from the stands -- a fan could have reached out and grabbed it if it were allowed to keep going. But Votto, being Votto, wasn't going to have any of that:

He quickly ran toward the ball and it appeared he was going to give a fan an opportunity to walk away with it, but nope.
And he wasn't done.
Later on in the bottom of the fourth, Aaron Altherr popped out to Votto, who after making the catch, just stared at fans and seemed to say "Nah":

This is what Votto does and it's part of what makes him so great.